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The Bellum Malleum Regional Flag.

This wiki is for the NationStates region of Bellum Malleum, its nations, and everything that has happened in it.


  • Keep your posts unbiased and non-provacative.
  • No lying or "bending the truth" (Kind of self evident).
  • Please follow proper grammar rules and spell check.
  • Any OOC conversations from anywhere are not to be used in the Wiki as basis for a page. Turn those OOC things into IC actions before posting on the wiki.
  • Bevr/Shady Dunes and Czechostan are judge and jury over these matters. They can and will edit any posts found to break these rules. Have a problem with this? Talk to them in Nation States or IRL.
  • When editing a page, please explain your edit in the proper location.
  • As per the requests of the region, Article Stubs are banned. If the page doesn't have enough information to be a full article, don't make it.

The current map as of November 19

Latest activityEdit

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